Breezybot Newborn Pixie Hat - FREE PATTERN

Breezybot Newborn Pixie Hat


Worsted cotton yarn
5mm hook
For subtle stripes, crochet this hat in all back loops, or alternate rows (eg - crochet odd rows in back loops, even rows in front loops)

Ch 55, turn
R 1 - Starting in 3rd ch from hook, dc 52, ch 3, turn (you may wish to change color here)
Rd 2-9 - dc 35 (skipping the last 17, which will be the chin strap), ch 3, turn
Fold in half so it forms a square, "right" side in. Slip stitch or whip stitch up the back seam, then tie off and weave in ends

OPTIONAL: SC a contrasting color from chin to chin (35 st) on the back side of the ch.

Sew a button on the corner opposite the chin strap.
As requested, here's an example of the back seam when connected by a whip stitch.

I basically just hold the two sides together and, using a yarn needle and the tail of the last row (18" tail is more than enough), sew the back loops of each set of stitches together, going through the loops, over the top, through the loops.... You should get something pretty flat and even.

Slip stitching is a bit quicker for me, but it leaves a ridge so I usually do it on the inside and turn it inside out. It's really up to you how you like to finish it off!