Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FREE PATTERN - Baby crochet football helmet!

These patterns are for personal use only; to sell items made from my pattern, please purchase it at  http://www.etsy.com/listing/96601978/pdf-pattern-crochet-football-helmet-0-6m. Please do not reproduce or sell my patterns.

Worsted cotton yarn in 2 or 3 desired colors
4.25 mm G hook (or 5.0mm hook for 3-6m)
Yarn needle

Special instructions:
Counts in (parentheses) include the first chain of each round or row

Working in joined rounds

With color A, Ch 5, slip stitch to make a ring
Rd 1: ch 3 (counts as first DC), then DC 19 in the center of ring to make a circle, slip stitch to join, do not turn (20)
Rd 2 -ch 3, Dc 2 in 1st st, [DC 1, DC 2 in next st] around, slip stitch to join, ch 3, TURN (30)

Now you'll be working in back-and-forth rows instead of joined rounds
Continuing with color A:
Row 1: DC 2 in first st, then [DC 2, DC 2 in next st] repeat [] x4, DC 2, ch 3, turn (20)
Row 2: DC 2 in next st, [DC 3, DC 2 in next st] repeat [] x4, DC 2, ch 1, turn (25)
Row 3: sc 2, HDC 1, HDC 2 in next st, [DC 4, DC 2 in next st] repeat [] x2, DC 4, HDC 2 in next st, HDC 1, sc 3, ch 1, turn (30)
Row 4*-5: sc 2, hdc 3, dc 18, hdc 3, sc 3 (30)
*OPTIONAL - on row 4, use color B or C to make stripes along the sides, then switch back to color A for row 5

Repeat above to make second side.

Match sides together and, with color B, SC 30 to connect the two sides and make a ridge
Tie off and weave in end from one side and ridge, but leave the tail for the second side.

Use the tail to sc around the edges:
From center of back, sc 18 (to halfway around the first earflap)
Ch 23
In 3rd ch, dc 20, sl st to join to earflap (skipping 2 stitches from where the ch started). Sc around the rest of the edge
Tie off, weave in all remaining ends

Attach button opposite the start of the chin strap.


  1. Hi! Great pattern. I would really like to convert this pattern to make it for an adult. I was wondering if this is possible and if so, if you would be willing to help me, since I am an amateur crocheter. Thanks so much! klnegin@gmail.com

  2. Hi! I have been working on a larger (large child) size that might help. I will post it when it's finalized. :) Thanks!

  3. Can I use this pattern for making hats to donate the NICU? I think it would be adorable on the little bitty boys.

  4. Tracy - yes, certainly! My twins were NICU babies (30-weekers). The hats they got to wear that were made by generous people like you were so wonderful. I don't have a preemie-sized modification, but feel free to play with the pattern! :)

  5. The NICU nurse that I spoke with said that regular newborn sized hats were the most needed. So that's why I was branching out and looking beyond preemie sized hats. And I'm sure with yarn and hook changes I can size it down. Thanks so much!

  6. Hi there, I'm trying to follow the pattern but I got stuck after working with the Earflap round 2. lol
    Round 2- chain 3, then DC two in the first stitch. Which will be added to the chain 3 to make 2 DC into that stitch. Then I'm to make 1 double crochet into the second stitch and then 2 double crochet into the third stitch and repeat this 2DC, 1DC around. After I slip stitch to join I don't have 30 stitches though just 20. 21 if I could the slip stitch too. I don't under the part where it said Turn (30)?
    the Helmet part is hard for me to understand too. Row 1: DC2 in first st, then [DC 2, DC2 in the next st] repeat x4? This sounds like it means for me to make 2 DC into the next four stitches? I'm lost if you can help. Thanks, Janette

  7. Janette:

    Earflap, round 2: dc 2 in the first stitch after the chain st, then dc 1 in next stitch, then 2 in the next, then 1 in the next, then 2 in the next, etc... all the way around. Basically, every other stitch from the previous round gets 2 DC in it. If your 1st round had 20 in it, the 2nd round should now have 30 because you added 10 stitches. At the end of the round, turn your work so you're now going around the round in the opposite direction. (The 30 just means how many stitches you should have at the end of the round)

    For the helmet part, the row one means to repeat the whole bracketed part four times. So it should go: Row 1: DC 2 in first st, DC 3, DC 2 in next st, DC 3, DC 2 in next st, DC 3, DC 2 in next st, DC 3, DC 2 in next st, DC 2, ch 1, turn (25)

    Sorry, it's hard to explain these in text. :-/ Let me know if that helps!

  8. yeah, I don't know why I'm not getting 30 after I finished row 2 on the earflap. I started the hat w/ a magic circle of 19 sts with the sl st it total to 20. hmmm...
    For Helmet. Row 1: DC2 means two double crochet in the first st then DC 3 means to double crochet 3 in the next stitch?
    I just took up crocheting and starting to learn from reading patterns before I would just watch youtube tutorials on how to crochet hats. But I'm trying to learn how to read patterns now. Thanks for the help.

  9. Janette:

    DC2 means to DC 1 in each of the next 2 stitches, DC3 means to DC 1 in each of the next 3 stitches, etc.

    I started learning to read patterns a little over a year ago, and it was so frustrating at first, but once I got the basics I saw my projects coming out better and better!

    Once I started to learn to write patterns (much harder than I expected!), it forced me to learn even faster.

    Please feel free to ask any questions you like! In addition to my family and crochet business, I have a full time day job, so I can't always respond immediately, but I do the best I can! :)

    Happy New Year!

  10. I just can't follow it. I never get the number of stitches to come out right.

  11. I think Janette is having a problem because the 1st row of the helmet does not add up to 20 stitches if you count the Chain 3. I was doing the same thing, kept ripping it out because it adds up to 21 stitches. Row 1: DC 2 in first st, then [DC 2, DC 2 in next st] repeat [] x4, DC 2, ch 3, turn (20)
    2 stitches, 4 x 4 times = 16 stitches then another 2 plus the chain 3 = 21. Am I correct - should we not be counting the chain 3 in the stitch count as you stated, or is your count wrong?

  12. Wonderful! Thank you! I'm making this plus a stuffed football pillow for my niece's first baby.

  13. I just love this hat and it would just "top off" the Cinninati Bengals baby set I just finished......Row 2 states that you finish with (25)sts. Row 3 working according to the pattern, you would be crocheting into 28 stitches ????? Please help.

  14. I'm finding this pattern very difficult to follow. The numbers don't come out right at all and this part: Match sides together and, with color B, SC 30 to connect the two sides and make a ridge
    Tie off and weave in end from one side and ridge, but leave the tail for the second side...makes very little sense to me. You're using color B here...leaving a tail to sc around the edges means you're doing it in the contrast color, not the main color.

    I really could use some clarifications on the number of stitches and the finishing. I'd really love to make this but I just can't get it to work up. I'm not a beginner, I've been crocheting 30 years, so this is frustrating me!! LOL!

  15. Thank you for sharing this. I plan on making one for my brother's first great-grand child. Even though the baby is a girl, I can just see great-grandpa and baby watching the Packard games together. I'm becoming a great-grandma for the 1st time in November and my brother is going to be 1st timer in December. We are so excited.

  16. Does anyone have the time to make this pattern for a 4-6 yr old? I also dont understand some of these patters....thank you

  17. This is so fun! Thanks for sharing! I think I'll play around to see if I can make it bigger.

  18. Wonderful Tutorial! I love it!

    I linked to it on my blog post on the best baby tutorials, here:


    <3 Hannah

  19. There are a some mistakes in the pattern. I corrected them the best I could to get the numbers to work out right. This is optional but I used my alternating color on row 2 of the helmet as opposed to row 4 as suggested.

    Row 3 as stated in the pattern only makes 27 stitches yet it says it should have 30 and it leaves some of the stitches in the row before it unworked. I did this:

    (ch1) sc 3, hdc 1, 2 hdc next st, (dc 3, 2 dc in next st)x3 then, dc 3, 2 hdc next st, hdc 1, sc 3.

    Note: sc 3 = single crochet in next three stitches.

  20. Angie I:

    Your revision on row 3 makes much more sense! Thanks for clarifying that!

  21. Angie L, Thank you! You should have heard me, my hubby was giving me a weird look because I was so frustrated. LOL I thought it was me. Thanks for the great pattern from Breezybot and the clarification from Angie L!

  22. Hi, I am so sorry to say, but this pattern has a lot of mistakes, I can read patterns from books and magazines, but this one is just not right.

  23. Did you ever write this pattern in a larger size??? I would love a copy if you did. Thanks!!

  24. I'm also wondering if you ever wrote this in a larger size? I have grandsons that are football fanatics with their dad (they are 5, 6 & 7 yrs old) they would LOVE these. My daughter would too, these are hats they would wear in the cold and leave on! I'd love to be able to make them each one. rhea61@frontier.com Thanks!

  25. Hi, I'm echoing the comment from Rhea (Aug 28, 2013)...Did you ever download the larger version for this pattern that you promised someone back in Nov. 2013? If so, I'm unable to find it..Please advise...

  26. I was curious if you ever made a larger version. If you did I would be willing to purchase it? Please let me know. bristarkey@hotmail.com

    1. Any chance you received a pattern for a larger version? I'm not finding it. Thanks!

  27. thank you everyone ,i also am having problems following this pattern dc2 means dc2 in same stich dc1in the nxt 2 stiches would b easier to follow now im lost and trying

  28. can anyone email me the correct pattern? Khimberly.milby@gmail.com thank you!

  29. 2dc means do 2 in the same st. Dc 2 means dc in next 2 sets is how I was taught to read patterns 30 yrs. Ago.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. I shared a link to your pattern on my blog's weekly wrangle! Here is a link if you would like to check it out. :) Have a great day! - Irice from Nifty Cliffts. http://niftycliffts.com/weekly-wrangle-2-football/

  31. Could this be converted to a knitted pattern? I would like it to have a more dense look, as double crochet stitches tends to not look as dense. Does anyone know how to convert patterns from crochet to knitting?

    1. Hi Teresa try to google it. I did knit to crochet for a pattern once.

      good luck!

  32. Has anyone found a pattern for a larger size? Thanks!

  33. This pattern is not correct. Number do not add up on aby row. Either there is an important row missing at the beginning after round 1 or the writer has not written it correctly. Please revise if you can.