Baby crochet football helmet - FREE PATTERN

Breezybot Baby Crochet Football Helmet

Worsted cotton yarn in 2 or 3 desired colors
4.25 mm G hook (or 5.0mm hook for 3-6m)
Yarn needle

Special instructions:
Counts in (parentheses) include the first chain of each round or row

Working in joined rounds

With color A, Ch 5, slip stitch to make a ring
Rd 1: ch 3 (counts as first DC), then DC 19 in the center of ring to make a circle, slip stitch to join, do not turn (20)
Rd 2 -ch 3, Dc 2 in 1st st, [DC 1, DC 2 in next st] around, slip stitch to join, ch 3, TURN (30)

Now you'll be working in back-and-forth rows instead of joined rounds
Continuing with color A:
Row 1: DC 2 in first st, then [DC 2, DC 2 in next st] repeat [] x4, DC 2, ch 3, turn (20)
Row 2: DC 2 in next st, [DC 3, DC 2 in next st] repeat [] x4, DC 2, ch 1, turn (25)
Row 3: sc 2, HDC 1, HDC 2 in next st, [DC 4, DC 2 in next st] repeat [] x2, DC 4, HDC 2 in next st, HDC 1, sc 3, ch 1, turn (30)
Row 4*-5: sc 2, hdc 3, dc 18, hdc 3, sc 3 (30)
*OPTIONAL - on row 4, use color B or C to make stripes along the sides, then switch back to color A for row 5

Repeat above to make second side.

Match sides together and, with color B, SC 30 to connect the two sides and make a ridge
Tie off and weave in end from one side and ridge, but leave the tail for the second side.

Use the tail to sc around the edges:
From center of back, sc 18 (to halfway around the first earflap)
Ch 23
In 3rd ch, dc 20, sl st to join to earflap (skipping 2 stitches from where the ch started). Sc around the rest of the edge
Tie off, weave in all remaining ends

Attach button opposite the start of the chin strap.