Wednesday, December 7, 2011

FREE PATTERN Breezybot Ribbon Baby Beanie

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I've had several requests lately for this particular modification, so here it is!

With worsted cotton yarn
5mm hook

Rounds 1-8 are worked in spiral/continuous rounds - do not tie off, slip stitch, or chain at end of each round; just continue to next round:
Ch 4, sl st to join to make a loop, ch 1
Rd 1 - working in center of loop, sc 9, hdc 1 (10)
Working in all back loops for the rest of the pattern:
Rd 2 - hdc 2 in next 9 st, dc 2 in last st (20)
Rd 3 - [dc 1, dc 2 in next st] repeat around (30)
Rd 4 - [dc 2, dc 2 in next st] repeat around (40)
Rd 5 - [dc 9, dc 2 in next st] repeat around (44)
Rd 6-7 - dc around (44)
Rd 8 -  dc 40, hdc 2, sc 2, sl st
You'll now be working in "joined" rounds.
Rd 9 -  ch 4, tc (triple crochet) around, sl st (at top of ch 4) to join
Rd 10 - ch 2, hdc around, sl st (at top of ch 2) to join
Tie off, weave in ends

Choose a ribbon that fits in the triple crochet round (round 9) easily and weave it between the posts in that round. Tie a bow, making sure to leave enough slack to accommodate the stretch of the hat. (Using a stretchy ribbon is recommended).
If you test this pattern, please let me know how it works in the comments, or send me a message! Thank you!


  1. I will be making this, along with some baby boots for a baby shower gift for the spring! such a cute hat!!!

  2. I made this yesterday. Super cute and quick. Need to find ribbon. Am going to crochet some too. Will post a pic later. What are your selling terms?

  3. What size ribbon is shown in this picture? Thx

  4. Mommawebb3:

    It is 3/8" ribbon. There's plenty of room to use a wider ribbon, though!

  5. I know this may sound really stupid, but on row 5 are u supposed to dc 9 times in one stitch or dc 1 in 9 stitches and then dc 2 times in the stitch after that?

  6. Hi Marquita! Not stupid at all! :)

    Row 5 means: DC 1 in each of the next 9 stitches, then DC 2 in the next stitch (then repeat 4 times).

    Hope that helps!

  7. Thank you! This pattern turned out great! I had to add an extra row of triple stitches to make it longer but it looks awesome

  8. I did this one yesterday and today. I think I went too far back for the back loop, as I got a sprial effect in the hat. But I LOVE the effect. I too, added another row at the end to make it bigger.

    Is this hat sized 0-3 month? If so how would you make it 3-6 months?

  9. Ok, so I tired this again....and now I got it to turn out right. It is a lovely hat. :-)

  10. Mine looked a little small so I added two rows of hdc and it came to be a 5'' hat. I LOVE this pattern and will be making a lot of these. Thank you!

  11. I'm confused lol. .... So the number at the of each round in parenthesis , is that the total number up to that round or the total number of stitches done for that sequence? So for example: by round 5 would you have 44 total or 144? Probably a stupid question but I just started crocheting 3 days ago so I'm oblivious. Thank you :)

  12. Just made this hat, it is the first hat I have ever made. I used the magic circle instead of the 4 singles at the beginning and I LOVE this hat. I can't wait to make more. Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. This is so cute! In rounds 9 and 10, are you working the first stitch in the same as the joining slip stitch?