Breezybot Ribbon Baby Beanie - FREE PATTERN

Breezybot Ribbon Baby Beanie

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I've had several requests lately for this particular modification, so here it is!

With worsted cotton yarn
5mm hook

Rounds 1-8 are worked in spiral/continuous rounds - do not tie off, slip stitch, or chain at end of each round; just continue to next round:
Ch 4, sl st to join to make a loop, ch 1
Rd 1 - working in center of loop, sc 9, hdc 1 (10)
Working in all back loops for the rest of the pattern:
Rd 2 - hdc 2 in next 9 st, dc 2 in last st (20)
Rd 3 - [dc 1, dc 2 in next st] repeat around (30)
Rd 4 - [dc 2, dc 2 in next st] repeat around (40)
Rd 5 - [dc 9, dc 2 in next st] repeat around (44)
Rd 6-7 - dc around (44)
Rd 8 -  dc 40, hdc 2, sc 2, sl st
You'll now be working in "joined" rounds.
Rd 9 -  ch 4, tc (triple crochet) around, sl st (at top of ch 4) to join
Rd 10 - ch 2, hdc around, sl st (at top of ch 2) to join
Tie off, weave in ends

Choose a ribbon that fits in the triple crochet round (round 9) easily and weave it between the posts in that round. Tie a bow, making sure to leave enough slack to accommodate the stretch of the hat. (Using a stretchy ribbon is recommended).
If you test this pattern, please let me know how it works in the comments, or send me a message! Thank you!