Breezybot Amigurumi Octopus - finger puppet or plushie! - FREE PATTERN

Amigurumi Octopus

Worsted yarn (Red Heart Super Saver in Heather, shown)
4.25 G Hook
Gauge not important  - you just need to make sure the holes between stitches are small enough to not show the stuffing!

Amigurumi is worked in continuous rounds. Don’t slip stitch to join or chain at the end of each row.

Make a magic circle
Round 1 - sc 6 in the circle (6)
Round 2 - sc 2 in each st (12)
Round 3 - [sc 2, sc 2 in next st], repeat around (16)
Round 4 - [sc 3, sc 2 in next st], repeat around (20)
Round 5-7 - sc around (20) - repeat 3 rows
Round 8 - [sc 3, sc 2 tog], repeat around (16)
Round 9 - [sc 2, sc 2 tog], repeat around (12)
Round 10 - [sc 2, sc 2 tog], repeat around (8)
  *do not tie off - continue to the first leg

*Chain 10
Starting in 1st ch, sl stitch 1 in each of the first two ch, then [sc 2 in each ch] x7 (this should take you to back to the body.
Slip stitch in the next st from Rd 10 of the body, then repeat from * until you have 8 legs.
Slip stitch in base of first leg to join.

With black yarn and a yarn needle, stitch the eyes and mouth, as desired.

You can either tie off weave in ends here for a finger puppet, or stuff with fiberfill and close the bottom for a teeny plushie.

Close the bottom:
In a base stitch on each leg, sc 1 (8)
Sc 2 tog around (4), and tie off, leaving a 4” tail
With a yarn needle, use the tail to stitch the remaining hold closed, then tie off and weave in the end.