Breezybot Loopy Daisy - FREE PATTERN

Breezybot Loopy Daisy

Yarn weight and hook size can vary, depending on the look you want. For this example, I used worsted cotton yarn and a 5.0mm hook.

Ch 4, sl stitch to first ch to make a loop.

Rd 1: Sc 10 in center of loop, sl st to join

Rd 2: [ch 7, sl stitch in same stitch you started in; sl st in next two stitches]* repeat around so you have 5 loops

Rd 3: *working in the center of each loop, sc2, hdc 2, dc 4, hdc 2, sc 2. Slip stitch in next st, then repeat from * in each loop until you have five petals. Tie off.

If you are attaching to a hat or something else, leave a long tail and use that to stitch to the item. If desired, sew a button in the center