Breezybot Spiral Flower - FREE PATTERN

Breezybot Spiral Flower

Yarn weight and hook size can vary, depending on the look you want. For this example, I used worsted cotton yarn and a 5.0mm hook.

Make a magic loop (basically a reversed slip knot so that pulling on the tail tightens it) and leave it open to about a half inch diameter.

*Sc 1 in the center of the loop, chain 12

Working back along the chain, sc 2 in first st, then sc 3 in each of the next 10 st, twisting the spiral as you go (you can adjust it afterward – I just found it easier to do it as I went along)

Repeat from * until you have the desired number of spirals (6 works well)

Pull the tail from the magic loop to close it and tie off the ends

If you are attaching to a hat or something else, leave a long tail and use that to stitch to the item. If desired, sew a button in the center