Sunday, May 20, 2012

FREE PATTERN - Newborn Mod Cloche

These patterns are for personal or charity use only; to sell items made from this pattern, please contact me at Please do not reproduce or sell my patterns.

Ch = chain
DC = double crochet
HDC = half double crochet
Sl st = slip stitch
FPDC = front post double crochet

Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn
5.0 mm crochet hook

Chain 4, slip stitch to first ch to make a loop
Round 1: Ch 3 (counts as first st), DC 19, sl st to top of chain to join (20)
Round 2: Ch 3, FPDC 1, [dc 1, FPDC 1 in same st] repeat [] around, sl st to top of chain to join (40) 
   NOTE: The circle you have so far will look wavy, but it will even out!
Round 3-10: Ch 3, FPDC 1 (make sure it's around the FPDC from the previous row), [dc 1 in next, FPDC 1 in next FPDC from previous row] repeat [] around, sl st to top of chain to join (40)
Round 11: With color 2, ch 2, hdc in back loops around
Round 12: With color 3, ch 1, work all hdc and dc in back loops and all sc in both loops: [hdc 1 and dc 1 in the same stitch, then dc 1, hdc 1, sl st 1 in the next st] repeat around, sl st to top of ch

Tie off, weave in all ends.

I added a simple flower - LOVE! 


  1. Thanks for sharing this cute pattern!

  2. Hey there thanks for posting this cute pattern, it's a gorgeous hat! I just have one question, I'm using the right hook size but my work seems to be going outward instead of curving to form the hat.

    1. Oops! Sorry it was me :) Fixed it... thanks again!

  3. I love this pattern. Your directions are so easy to follow. I am making hats for the NICU at our local hospital. I have made several different hats, but this is the prettiest.easiest.fastest. nicest pattern I have found. Thank you for sharing!