Breezybot Fruit Basket Amigurumi - FREE PATTERN

Breezybot Fruit Basket Amigurumi

Includes apple, lemon/lime, pear, grape bunch, cherries, banana and orange

Breezybot Apple Amigurumi 

Use any yarn weight and hook size to achieve a tight enough stitch so the stuffing won't show through. I used worsted weight cotton yarn and a 3.25 hook for the ones in the example.

Leaf: (sage green) 
Ch 7
Row 1: sc 1, hdc 1, dc 1, dc 1, hdc 1, sl st 1. Tie off.

Stem: (dark brown) 
Ch 7
Row 1: sl st 1 in each ch. Tie off.

Apple: (red or bright green)
Worked in continuous rounds
Magic loop
Rd 1: in loop, ch 1, sc 6 (6)
Rd 2: sc around (6)
Rd 3: sc 2 in each stitch (12)
Rd 3: [sc 1 in next st, sc 2 in next] repeat around (18)
Rd 4: [sc 1 in each of next 2 st, sc 2 in next] (24)
Rd 5-8: sc around (24)
   **Attach stem and leaf 
Rd 9: [sc 1 in each of next 6, sc 2 tog] repeat around (21)
Rd 10: [sc 1 in each of next 5, sc 2 tog] repeat around (18)
Rd 11: [sc 1, sc 2 tog] repeat around (12)
   **Stuff apple with desired stuffing
Rd 12: [sc 2 tog] repeat around (6) 

Tie off. With yarn needle, stitch the tail through the stitches of round 2, pull to close. Use the tail to poke through the apple to the base of the stem, then back to where you tied it off. Gently pull it just enough to make the stem dimple into the apple. Tie off again and weave in ends.