Tuesday, April 9, 2013

FREE PATTERN Breezybot Baby Doll Sling

These patterns are for personal or charity use only; to sell items made from this pattern, please contact me at breezybot@hotmail.com. Please do not reproduce or sell my patterns.

Breezybot Baby Doll Sling
Please note: this pattern is for toy use only. Not intended for modification for use with real babies!

Worsted Weight yarn
6.0mm J hook

All row counts include chain as first stitch.

Ch 12
R 1: starting in 3rd chain from hook, Dc across (10)
R 2: Ch 2, turn, dc across (10)
R 3: Ch 2, turn, Dc 3, dc 2 in each of next 2, dc 4 (12)
R 4: Ch 2, turn, Dc 4, dc 2 in each of next 2, dc 5 (14)
R 5: Ch 2, turn, Dc 5, dc 2 in each of next 2, dc 6 (16)
R 6: Ch 2, turn, Dc 6, dc 2 in each of next 2, dc 7 (18)
R 7: Ch 2, turn, Dc 7, dc 3 in each of next 2, dc 8 (22)
R 8: Ch 1, turn, sc 1, hdc 1, dc 16, hdc 1, sc 2 (22)
R 9-16: Ch 2, turn, dc across (22)
R 17: Ch 1, turn, sc 1, hdc 1, dc 16, hdc 1, sc 2 (22)
R 18: Ch 2, turn, dc across (22)
Rd 19: Ch 2, turn, dc 7, dc 3 tog, dc 3 tog, dc 8 (18)
R 20: Ch 2, turn, dc 6, dc 2 tog, dc 2 tog, dc 7 (16)
R 21: Ch 2, turn, dc 5, dc 2 tog, dc 2 tog, dc 6 (14)
R 22: Ch 2, turn, dc 4, dc 2 tog, dc 2 tog, dc 5 (13)
R 23: Ch 2, turn, dc 3, dc 2 tog, dc 2 tog, dc 4 (10)
R 24: Ch 2, turn, dc across (10)
Repeat row 24 until the sling fits comfortably around the child like a sash (usually 18-25 more rows)
Slip stitch last row to row 1 to make a big loop
Tie off, weave in ends


  1. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Approximately what size doll would fit in your lovely sling?

    1. My daughter uses her 12in baby and the baby is a bit too long. But she makes it work. Perfect little project for little ones.

  2. I making these for toddler twins who have cerebral palsy, so need lots of help playing with their dollies. They are going to be so proud to be able to wear them without help :-)

  3. Making this for my great-niece who just turned 3. She takes very good care of her "baby", so I think she'll love it :) Thanks for the darling and free pattern!

  4. I made this and it is so cute. My daughters' babies are too big for it, though. How can I make it wider so their babies don't fall out of it?

    1. If you want to make it wider where the dolls lies just dc 3 instead of 2 in the next two stitches of rows 4-7. That will make it a bit wider. If you need it wider than that just increase in next 3 stitches of those rows instead of only in two.

  5. If you want to make it larger just repeat the rows in the middle until the actual part the doll goes in is long enough for the doll intended to go in it.I'm pretty sure that will work. I'm going to try it because two of my grandaughters want doll slings and I'll make it for the Cabbage patch dolls I have here that I'm going to send them.

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  6. I'm wondering how many repeats of the last row I would need so that the sash will be long enough and not too long, for a 5 year old and a 10 year old. They live out of state so I can't measure on the actual children that will be using these. Thank you

  7. I'm making a modified one to wear my crochet project. Tired of putting down and fighting cat tangles. Also keeps it handy when I have to wait in car...