Breezybot Baby Beanie - FREE PATTERN

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This is the base of many of my newborn hats! Slight variations can be made to leave space for ribbon or add ears, puffballs, a brim, or other details!

With worsted cotton yarn
5mm hook

Worked in spiral rounds - do not tie off or chain at end of each round; just continue to next round:
Ch 4, sl st to join to make a loop, ch 1
Rd 1 - working in center of loop, sc 9, hdc 1 (10)
Working in all back loops for the rest of the pattern:
Rd 2 - hdc 2 in next 9 st, dc 2 in last st (20)
Rd 3 - [dc 1, dc 2 in next st] repeat around (30)
Rd 4 - [dc 2, dc 2 in next st] repeat around (40)
Rd 5 - [dc 9, dc 2 in next st] repeat around (44)
Rd 6-8 - dc around (44)
Rd 9 - dc 40, hdc 2, sc 2, sl st
Rd 10* - ch 2, hdc around, sl st to join
Tie off, weave in ends

*If you would like to see other brim variations for this beanie, check out my Breezybot Beanie Variations post at

If you test this pattern, please let me know how it works in the comments, or send me a message! Thank you!